The Best Tongue Cleaning Tool

Your tongue is a powerful weapon. With it humans have created constitutions, built or burned relationships, and persuaded kings and countrymen. You can use it to taste delectable food and even to clear bacteria from other parts of the mouth. And in order to do its job well, it needs your daily care. As your… Read more »

Periodontal Disease Can Affect Other Medical Conditions

Did you know that an estimated 47% of the adult population over the age of thirty has gum disease? The older you get, the higher the risk, but the good news is that it’s totally preventable. This is why it’s important to establish good health habits while young. Gum disease often begins as gingivitis, which… Read more »

Without Treatment a Failing Dental Filling Can Cause Significant Problems

Dental fillings are typically bonded or cemented to the surrounding tooth enamel with an integrity meant to last for many long years. However, poor oral hygiene habits could weaken this bond, causing the dental filling material to slowly disconnect from the healthy dental material. As this starts to happen the tooth might become increasingly sensitive…. Read more »

Advice About Root Canals

Root canals are treatments designed to protect your teeth after the pulp of a tooth has been damaged due to an injury or infection. The pulp is a soft tissue inside a tooth that contains the life force of the tooth, including the nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels. If it becomes diseased or infected,… Read more »

Risk Factors for Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a well-documented, yet often undetected sleep disorder in which your breathing patterns are interrupted while you sleep. If left untreated, sleep apnea can pose serious health risks. Be advised, there are numerous risk factors that can influence your risk for sleep apnea, as genetics play a heavy role in its existence. Listed… Read more »

How Can I Make My Brushing Routine More Effective?

Did you know there is more to brushing than just picking up a toothbrush and scrubbing your chompers? Well, it’s true. In fact, there are some secrets that can make brushing even more effective and successful. To help you, Dr. and our dental team are thrilled to share some effective brushing tips with you. The… Read more »

How to Keep Your Braces in Top-Notch Condition and Prevent Issues

Orthodontic treatment can be very beneficial, especially because it helps you reach the smile you have always wanted. Although the orthodontic journey can be long, there are a few things you can do to make it easier. These things involve having a good relationship with your braces. Dr. and our dental team are happy to… Read more »

Have You Received an Oral Cancer Exam?

When was your last oral cancer screening exam? This includes a visit to your dentist’s office where they closely examine your neck and throat areas, looking and feeling your neck, jawbone, lips, cheeks, gums, teeth, and inner throat areas. Dr. and our dental care professionals are dedicated to finding and stopping any oral and dental… Read more »

Visit Your Dentist for an Endosteal or Subperiosteal Dental Implant

In order for an artificial tooth to be placed, a dental implant has to be first installed in order to get that complete smile you’ve always wanted. A damaged or lost tooth root is replaced by this titanium alternative, whether it’s an endosteal or subperiosteal implant. Our staff here at wants to provide the best… Read more »

Symptoms of Teeth Grinding

Have you or others been experiencing teeth grinding? Also known as bruxism, the consequence of constant grating of the teeth creates damage. Damage may include effects on teeth, jaw muscles and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). These can often be caused by an abnormal bite, missing teeth, sleep disorders, anxiety, or stress. Grinding on a regular… Read more »