Tips to Ensure a Great Floss Each Time

Before or after brushing your teeth, it’s important to floss your teeth as a highly effective dental care habit. A habit of flossing your teeth is the only sure method to remove trapped food particles that couldn’t be reached by your toothbrush and prevent tooth decay. In order to effectively clean your smile, we invite… Read more »

Carrots are Good for Your Teeth

Carrots are excellent for making snowmen and treating horses, but are they alright for your teeth? As it turns out, yes! Carrots can be excellent for teeth. Here’s a bit of info we’ve assembled for you on why carrots may be able to enhance your oral health. If you have any questions after reading, then… Read more »

Dental Crowns Can Repair Your Teeth to Give You the Oral Health You Deserve

Your , Dr. , offers dental crowns at for many reasons. They are top-notch restorations that can repair your teeth and boost your oral health. They are tooth-shaped caps that can replace the tooth enamel and restore the tooth’s health and function. To help you understand more about dental crowns in , , our dental… Read more »

Simple Tips for Pediatric Oral First-Aid

The pediatric dental specialists at understand that children often lead vigorous and sometimes clumsy lives. This can sometimes result in a significant blow to the mouth that could harm soft oral tissues and teeth. In times like this, you will likely need to apply some quality first-aid can help manage the pain, and assess the… Read more »

A Key to Oral Health Success: Aging and Dental Health

If you have not already done so, visit your dentist to learn new tricks needed to enhance your oral health. This includes taking the necessary steps to make sure your teeth are free of any bacteria or cavities that can plague your smile. In order to ensure your smile is efficiently progressing, always seek out… Read more »

Worsening Tooth Sensitivity Could Be Related to Another Dental Health Problem

Many people who start out dealing with mild tooth sensitivity will experiment with specially formulated tooth sensitivity toothpaste. Most approved brands contain a minor concentration of potassium nitrate and added fluoride. While these special toothpastes might minimize or seemingly alleviate tooth sensitivity, they could be masking an undiagnosed dental health problem. In time the sensitivity… Read more »

Oral Health Care Fundamentals: Dentures

Don’t spend your holiday season stressing about the fact you won’t be able to enjoy the foods you love due to a lack of teeth. If you are missing any teeth, even if it’s only a single tooth, a dental replacement procedure such as dentures can be highly effective. Whether you require partial dentures for… Read more »

Halloween Plans and Guidelines

Are you ready for the Halloween season to begin? Have you taken steps to make sure your Halloween will go off without a hitch with your oral health care? If not, it is not too late to begin to formulate plans and guidelines to follow to ensure your smile will survive the sugar rush this… Read more »

The Best Tongue Cleaning Tool

Your tongue is a powerful weapon. With it humans have created constitutions, built or burned relationships, and persuaded kings and countrymen. You can use it to taste delectable food and even to clear bacteria from other parts of the mouth. And in order to do its job well, it needs your daily care. As your… Read more »

Periodontal Disease Can Affect Other Medical Conditions

Did you know that an estimated 47% of the adult population over the age of thirty has gum disease? The older you get, the higher the risk, but the good news is that it’s totally preventable. This is why it’s important to establish good health habits while young. Gum disease often begins as gingivitis, which… Read more »