Tooth Extractions

Bella Vista Dental is renowned for pioneering preventative dentistry and healthy practices to keep your teeth shining brighter than ever! We offer a wide range of services like implants, fillings, and teeth whitening and tooth extraction in Seguin, TX.

Specializing in Your Dental Health

We specialize in tooth extractions that are done quickly and safely. Our experienced staff is focused on providing you with the best experience possible. Our comfort amenities will make sure your visit is as relaxing as possible. We also offer payment plans for our extraction services so you can be worry-free knowing that we took care of you from beginning to end. Our office goes above and beyond to ensure our patients feel at home during their visit. See why so many people trust us for their dental needs!

Why Tooth Extractions?

Tooth extraction may be necessary due to the following:

  • Tooth decay: tooth decay can cause tooth damage, pain, and infection.
  • Overcrowding: tooth extractions may be needed to make room for other teeth to prevent tooth crowding.
  • Injury: tooth extractions may be needed if a tooth is damaged by trauma or injury.
  • Gum disease: tooth extraction may be necessary if gum disease worsens. 
  • Other dental concerns: tooth extractions may be needed to address tooth misalignments or impacted teeth. 

We may recommend a way to save your natural tooth rather than extract it whenever possible. For example, a root canal can sometimes save an infected tooth, eliminating the need for extraction. During a root canal, we access the infected area at the center of the tooth and gently remove any decayed or damaged pulp that may be present. Then, we clean and reshape the root canals before sealing them to eliminate bacteria and prevent future infections.

Another example of a way we can preserve a tooth without extraction is with a dental crown. A dental crown entails fitting a tooth with a tooth-shaped “cap” that shelters the entire visible portion of the tooth. Crowns are an excellent way to protect a tooth from further damage due to tooth decay or fracture while still restoring the tooth’s function and appearance.

Removing a tooth beyond repair can prevent the tooth from causing further damage to your surrounding teeth and jawbone. But sometimes, extractions are inevitable. If they are, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with us. When tooth removal is done correctly and promptly, it can help maintain oral health.

The Tooth Extraction Process at Bella Vista Dental

At Bella Vista Dental, we use the most advanced tooth extraction techniques to ensure that we remove your tooth safely and quickly. We start by numbing the area around the tooth so that you won’t feel any pain during the tooth extraction process. Dr. Lara Perry or Dr. Quintanilla will then carefully extract the tooth and may use gauze to stop any bleeding. Sometimes, we may prescribe antibiotics or other medications to prevent infection.

We also provide tooth extraction aftercare instructions to ensure that you heal quickly and without complications. You should follow all post-extraction instructions that we provide you with.

After extraction, the recovery process will vary depending on the complexity of your procedure. If anything seems abnormal or out of the ordinary after, don’t hesitate to ask for additional guidance! Resting and keeping your head elevated are essential steps in helping with healing, as is avoiding strenuous activities initially. You must stay in communication with our team so we can monitor how you’re healing, but in most cases, after a few days of resting and monitoring, you should feel back to normal.

Expert Tooth Extraction in Seguin, TX

A healthy mouth leads to a healthy body, so why not give yourself the gift of a beautiful smile? Bella Vista Dental is here to help you achieve optimal dental and overall health!

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